How to select the best portable induction cooktops.

How to Select the Best Portable Induction Cooktop

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Induction cooktops are conquering kitchens in the US because of its sleek presentation and design as well as the compact size that may be considered as portable. It is fairly easy and more hassle free to use than electric and gas ranges or stoves.

Induction cooktops, although slightly similar to the use of electric cooktops, are very different as it creates heat in the cooking vessel itself, rather than within the burners. It also requires cookware that is conductive and responsive to magnets. When in use, it only heats the pan and contents, resulting to reduced wasted heat compared to other types of cooktops.

If you are in the lookout for the best portable induction cooktop to add to your current kitchenware or you want to replace your existing ones, it’s best to check out a guide that will help you in the buying process so you’ll be certain that you’re getting the best out of your hard-earned cash.


What are the factors that you need consider when selecting the best portable induction cooktop?

Below you will find the list of factors we have compiled and explained briefly so you’ll have an idea of what portable induction cooktop to get:

Size: Consider the space you have and your needs. If you’re planning to use it solely for travelling/camping/out of town, you’ll need something that can be taken anywhere with ease – that is not bulky, won’t hurt your back or arms to carry, and very easy to transport. It shouldn’t also be sensitive to lots of movements, slight banging and shaking.

If you’re planning to use the induction cooktop at home as well as double as a travelling buddy, you need something that is the right size for your daily cooking needs but won’t be painful to bring with you whenever you need to. Take note, most portable induction cooktops only have one burner, so if you’re going to double it as home use, it may not suffice.

Portable induction cooktop for home use is only great if you’re alone or with only another person in your small kitchen apartment. To give you an idea of the size, check out:

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Features: Think of the features you want your portable induction cooktop to have. There are a variety of additional features to choose from as many companies try to best each other’s products. You can have a cooktop that includes a touch pad, pot size indications, timer, automatic burner adjust, etc.

If you intend to only use your cooktop during camping and out of town travels, we suggest getting the simplest portable induction cooktop that you can find; one that heats well and cooks well with no fuss and added features that don’t really contribute much to the cooking process.

This is because the energy used in these places are very limited and you won’t be able to maximize all these features, making it not worth the extra dollar spent. Get something like the:

Aroma AID-509 Induction Cooktop

Power Supply: For a portable induction cooktop that will be used for frequent travels, get something that is the standard electric volts as it is easier and safer to use. You might want to check in your city what the standard voltage is, but mostly it’s about 120 to 220 volts.

Smaller induction cooktops, those with just one burner, come in about 120 volts. This is great as you can just plug it and leave it to cook your food. You don’t have to worry about any power surge happening. Make sure to check the power of your portable induction cooktop before buying as there are ones that are capable of going over 400 volts and most homes can’t withstand this large amount of power.

Price: For something that you will use only about three times a year, get something that won’t hurt your budget. However, if you’re going to use it more than that, say, you’re a real adventurer and you spend more time outdoors than in the comforts of your own home, invest in something that will last years of hard use.

The Max Burton 6050 Induction Cooktop, Stainless Steel and Black

Key Takeaway: The factors more or less contain all the stuff you need to know when searching for the best portable induction cooktop. Make sure to consider each so you’ll be able to get what you really need.

What are the benefits of a portable induction cooktop?

If you’re not convinced yet if you should get a portable induction cooktop, you might change your mind when you have read the following benefits:

  • It is very safe to use: This is because the cooktop itself doesn’t heat. The induction process creates the heat and transfers it onto the cookware. No fire risks!
  • It is fast: When you’re on the go, you want your food to cook fast. An induction cooktop lets you do that.
  • It is efficient: It saves you energy in the long run as there is no wasted heat.
  • It is very portable: It won’t weigh you down as the entire body of the cooktop is very light, especially if it is made of durable yet light materials like stainless steel. It also doesn’t require too much room and space because of its compact body.
  • It is affordable: You can purchase a cooktop that will last you years of use for only below $100. You can even find one that goes below $50 during sales. Repair and parts replacement are relatively affordable too.

Key Takeaway: Portable induction cooktops are the way to go when you’re planning to use it outdoors. It’s great, affordable, and fuss-free.


Induction cooktops are the best choice when it comes to portability because they’re very light to lift and will not weigh you down. The heat it produces is definitely enough for all the cooking that you’re planning to do, while being safe, affordable, and efficient.

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