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How to Choose the Right Cookware for Your Induction Cooktop

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Induction cooktops are really awesome to use because the cooktop itself doesn’t heat at all only the pots and pans do, so it’s a safe for everyone, especially little children and the elderly. Because of this technology, the induction cooktop only requires certain cookware for it to work.

If you were a gas or electric cooktop user, you may want to consider purchasing induction compatible cookware as well. It may be a bit costly, but the shift to induction cooking will save you money in the long run.

What types of cookware can you use for your induction cooktop?

There are only select types of cookware that you can use for your induction cooktop. If you are an avid cook and always spends time in the kitchen, you may own a lot of cookware made of glass, aluminum, or copper. If you decide to shift to using induction cooktops, you may find that this cookware won’t work anymore and that you have to change them as well.

You can find a whole set of induction compatible cookware such as the:

Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware 10-Pc Set

Induction cooking is very different from gas or electric cooktops. This is because the coils of induction cooktops are able to create an electromagnetic field between the cooktop and the pan, triggering heat to happen in the cookware if it is compatible. Otherwise, it won’t work. Induction cooktops are only compatible with cookware that's conductive, responsive to magnets, and has iron content in its base.

Cookware compatible for induction cooking should have iron as its component. As such, cast iron, enamel cast iron, and most types of stainless steel cookware are all induction compatible. However not all types of compatible; for example, there are stainless steel cookware that contains a little bit of aluminum – that won’t work.

An induction ready non-stick skillet that you can try is the:

TeChef - Art Pan 11" Frying Pan, Coated 5 times with Teflon Select Non-Stick Coating (PFOA Free) / Induction Ready

If you really want to use the above mentioned no-nos, Aluminum, copper or glass cookware will work if the bottom has a layer of magnetic properties. If you’re not sure if your cookware is compatible, try holding a magnet against the bottom of the cookware. If the magnet clings, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop.

An induction ready aluminum cookware that you can try is the:

ELO Skyline Stainless Steel Kitchen Induction Cookware Pots and Pans Set

It is also fairly easy nowadays to find induction cooktop wares as many manufacturers have acknowledged the widespread use of induction cooking, and have made products specifically for it. Just look for the "induction compatible" symbol on the bottom of their cookware or it may be printed on the cookware’s packaging.

Key Takeaway: Only cookware with magnetic properties will work on an induction cooktop such as cast iron, enamel cast iron, and stainless steel. Popular cookware such as glass, aluminum and copper won’t work unless the bottom is coated with magnetic properties.

How does an induction cooktop work?

Before you feel comfortable using an induction cooktop, you need to know how it works. Otherwise, everything would feel like there’s something in the cooktop that is “unnatural” and would have eventual negative drawbacks, considering how it is a cooking and heating appliance, yet the cooktop itself doesn’t heat up.

Firstly, there’s no magic happening inside the cooktop. It is of pure technology. The cooktop is usually made of stainless steel body with ceramic glass on top, where the heat or energy comes out. Underneath the glass is a coil made of copper. When plugged in an electronic source, the coppers create an electromagnetic field that heats the cookware you’re using.

The heat only goes to the space where the cookware is resting, the cookware itself, and the food inside. Everything else remains completely cool to the touch. You can even put strips of paper next to the cookware and it will not even heat up. This flameless cooking technology is great as it minimizes risk of burn injuries and accidental fire.

The induction cooktop will not work if the cookware is not compatible as no heat will transfer and will be conducted. The cooktop will send signals to heat, but an incompatible cookware will not be affected and will remain cool so is the food inside it.

Key Takeaway: An induction cooktop uses coils made of copper that generate an electromagnetic field that produces the heat transferred onto a induction-compatible cookware.

What are the benefits of having an induction cooktop?

If you aren’t convinced yet as to why you need to shift to an induction cooktop, read through below:

  • Induction cooktops are safe because there is no heat or open flame that can cause burns on your hands or skin or accidental fires in your kitchen. The cooktop itself stays cool to the touch.
  • The heat temperature is very accurate unlike the one generated by gas and electric burners.
  • It heats really fast; turn it on, put the cookware on top and immediately start cooking.
  • It uses half the energy used by both gas and electric stoves, making it a ver green option.
  • The cooktop doesn’t heat since induction cooktops use electromagnetic currents that flow directly to the cookware, making it ideal for homes with kids.
  • Induction cooktops are portable. They’re fairly thin and the materials used are lightweight so you can take it anywhere, during camping or out of town in an RV.

Key Takeaway: Induction cooktops have a lot of benefits. It is a space and money saver, it keeps your family safe, and it’s also good for the environment. Your pocket will also be delighted considering the induction cooktop itself doesn’t cost that much.


Buying the right cookware for your induction cooktop is not really expensive, so if it’s the only thing keeping you from making the shift from gas or electric ranges to induction cooktops, definitely go for it. Induction ready cookware is not expensive; you can get an entire set for less than $100.

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