What is the difference between Induction and Electric Cooktops?

Many customers get confused between induction and electric cooktops due to the fact that both need electricity to operate. Both have plugs that need to be connected to a socket so that it could ‘fire’ up and cook your food. This, however, may only be one of their very few similarities.

If you are not sure on the best one to buy, read on through, as the two will be compared based on the factors to consider before purchasing cooktops. Depending on your needs, your budget, and many other factors, both may have its own pros and cons.


Inductions vs. Electric: Which is better?

It’s really difficult to choose the better cooktop especially if you aren’t sure about what each of them boasts about. Also, one massive positive for one person, may be a huge disappointment to another. Everyone has their own needs, wants, and quirks so don’t compare yourself to others, especially if your neighbor says that her cooktop is the best there is.


How does it work?

It’s important to find out what induction and electric cooktops are made from. From this, you’ll learn how they function because even though they have the same power source, the way they work is totally different form each other.

  • Electric cooktops come in two varieties, coil (where the heating element is exposed) and radiant (where a glass ceramic covers the heating element underneath). Electric cooktops heat up when the energy is transferred to the coil. The coils then heat up greatly (you’ll know because the coil glows red when hot) and transfer the heat to the cookware.

The electric current heats up the coil depending on your choice of temperature and this heat goes to the cookware. It is basically just like gas without the open flame.

  • Induction cooktops work by having copper coils underneath the ceramic glass that houses it. These coils create an electromagnetic field that transfers the energy onto the cookware itself. Therefore, there is no heat on the coil or element itself but rather heat is generated in the cookware.

For this technology to work, only magnetic cookware should be used such as stainless steel and cast iron. Cookware made of aluminum or glass won’t be able to conduct such energy so it won’t heat up. One con that users might not like is the fact that you have to change your cookware as well if you shift to induction cooktop.


How much does it cost?

Price greatly varies between the two. It can be determined by the style you have chosen, the brand, and the materials used. Extravagance aside, you can get both electric and induction cooktop below $100, but these are the single burner type that can be taken anywhere.

If you are looking for smooth glass top ones that can be installed underneath your counter, electric cooktops may prove to cost much lesser. Look at the products below for comparison:


Frigidaire FFEC3024L 30″ Electric Cooktop with Ready-Select Controls and Color-Coordinated Control

Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Electric Cooktop - Black
  • Hot Surface Indicator - Alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch.
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Color-Coordinated Control Knobs


Is an electric cooktop that has four heating elements and costs less than $500. This one has smooth ceramic glass covering the heating elements and can be installed in a counter. Comparing the above product to a similar one that is induction, the:


GE PHP900SMSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop

Bestseller No. 1
Rosewill Induction Cooker 1800 Watt, 5 Pre-Programmed Induction Cooktop, Electric Burner with Stainless Steel Pot 10" 3.5 QT 18-8, RHAI-15001
  • 5 Pre-Programmed Settings: Warm Milk, Soup, Stir Fry, Fry, Hot Pot
  • Polished A-grade Crystal Plate Surface
  • LED Large Screen Display, 4 digits


Also has four heating elements housed in stainless steel but it is nearly three times the cost of an electric cooktop.

Key Takeaway: Considering the brand, the finish, and the material used, the GE induction cooktop may be worth its price but is still considered very costly compared to the electric smooth cooktop by Frigidaire.


Which is more energy efficient?

This is very easy to answer once you have understood how induction and electric cooks your food. When using induction cooktops, the heat is generated by the cookware or cooking vessel itself rather than the coil and transferring the heat to the vessel (like what electric does), therefore, the more efficient cooktop to use is the induction.

Why? Because induction cooktops lessen the heat loss when it comes to cooking. All heat is directed onto cooking your food. The heat is also very precise because the cooktop itself remains cool to touch despite all the simmering and boiling happening inside the cookware.

Key Takeaway: Induction cooking is also hotter than electric cooking so you’ll be able to cook for less amount of time. For instance, most induction cooktops boasts about boiling water in only two minutes. It is also safer as the cooktop itself doesn’t heat up. It’s cool to touch so no accidental burns or catching fire through the open flames.


Which is easier to clean and maintain?

Depending on the electric cooktop you have, you may be troubled with the cleaning if you have the coil one. This is because any drops, spills, or food scraps that falls off underneath the coil may be difficult to get. You have to wait until the coil is fully cool to touch before removing and cleaning that part.

Check out this coil cooktop:


GE : JP201CBSS 21in Electric Cooktop, 2 Coil Elements, Removable Drip Bowls – Stainless Steel

Ge JP201CBSS 21 inch Built-In Electric Cooktop, 2-Burner in Stainless Steel
  • Appliances/ranges, ovens and cooktops
  • Made in: united states
  • Dimensions: 3 x 16.62 x 21.25


There are catchers or reservoirs underneath the coils to catch any spills but because it is made of stainless steel, it’s easy to just wipe and maintain.

Induction cooktops, on the other hand, are generally much easier to maintain, as all you have to do is wipe the cooktop with a cloth. Because it doesn’t heat up, you can clean as soon as you’re done with cooking. Most induction cooktops are also made of lightweight materials, usually a combination of glass and stainless steel.

A great example is the:


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold
  • Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 Amps of electricity - standard in all homes; lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Digital control panel. Built-in Count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes; 10 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit; 10 power levels from 200-1800Watts
  • Requires induction compatible magnetic cookware. Compatible with Duxtop and other induction ready cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and Steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron



For the efficiency and maintenance, induction cooktop wins against electric cooktops. For the price however, electric cooktops may have a shot. Smooth top versions or radiant electric cooktops can easily par against the smooth top induction and the naked eye may not even tell the difference, but induction heats up and cooks up faster. Not to mention, the whole electromagnetic technology is pretty cool.

What are the best Ranges with Induction?

Induction cooktops mounted on ranges with an accompanying oven is a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you are a new range user or you are replacing an old one, be it gas or electric. Ranges are space savers as they carry not only the cooktop but also the oven in one build or body.

Owners wouldn’t have to worry about installing a range because it’s either freestanding or slide-in, which both don’t require any kind of customization or major installation. Most ranges can be simply pushed into position, provided that you have enough space in your kitchen. Otherwise, you have to make room, and it may mean customizing existing cabinetry.

Cooktops that don’t need to be built in saves you money, as you don’t have to pay for the difficult installation onto your counter. If you are a cooktop user, you’ll find that having a range is much more efficient, considering most already come with ovens and the price difference is very minimal.

Previous induction cooktop users or those shifting to induction cooking will also be pleasantly surprised with the upgrade or change. To help you decide with the best induction range to get, we have listed here three products with accompanying short overviews.


What are the recommended induction ranges?

See below three induction ranges that contain brief overviews each. Hopefully, this would help narrow down your search.


GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range – Convection


This slide-in induction range comes with four heating elements featuring GE’s newest induction cooktop technology that is innovative, fast, and efficient.

The cooking element has one 11” cooktop, two 8” cooktops, and one 6” inch cooktop. Each element has its own hot surface indicator lights for added safety and for you to tell if any elements are turned on. The control type is of glass touch and temperatures are displayed digitally.

The oven has true European convection with precise air so you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly even baking results without turning the pan. It also boasts a combined cooking capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, enough for cooking whole turkey or chicken, as well as squeeze in a few casseroles at a time. You’ll be able to cook more per batch, saving you energy in the long run.

Below the oven is a warming drawer that keeps the food warm because of the variable temperature control. After baking or cooking, you can simply store the finished dishes there until dinner is completely ready. The oven has its own cleaning system called the Self-Clean Roller Rack.


Frigidaire FGIF3061NF Gallery 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Range – Convection

Bestseller No. 1
Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30" Slide-In Electric Range with Induction Technology True Convection Oven Temperature Probe and Steam Cleaning in Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel with Black
  • Faster Boiling with Induction: Get meals faster to the table with induction technology. Brings water to a boil in less than 2 minutes
  • Reduce Cleanup Time: Easy clean up. It heats the pan, not the cooktop. Spillsdon't burn on the surface.
  • Exceptional Temperature Control: Adjust heat with greater accuracy than on gas or electric cooktops especially at lower settings.


This freestanding induction range features five induction elements of varying sizes so your pots and pans can find the right fit and heat.

Frigidaire’s range has several options such as quick preheat, auto keep warm, temperature probe, quick boil, one-touch keep warm setting, and keep warm zone. The oven features true convection, with a single convection fan that circulates hot air inside the oven for faster and even multi-rack baking.

Cleanup is also a breeze because the smooth cooktops only require wiping while the oven has the quick clean cycle option that cleans in only two hours. Temperature probe allows you to set the desired finished temperature and alerts you when that temperature has been reached. This is great for cooking large chunks of meat or whole turkey or chicken.

One of the heating elements is the so-called keep warm zone where you can place dishes until it’s ready for dinnertime. The buttons are soft to touch while the screen is digital. The entire body of the range is made of smooth and durable stainless steel that resists fingerprints and smudges.


Samsung NE597N0PB 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Free Standing FlexCook Zone Induction Cooktop Range, Stainless Steel

Bestseller No. 1
Frigidaire FGIS3065PF 30" Slide-In Electric Range with Induction Technology True Convection Oven Temperature Probe and Steam Cleaning in Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel with Black
  • Faster Boiling with Induction: Get meals faster to the table with induction technology. Brings water to a boil in less than 2 minutes
  • Reduce Cleanup Time: Easy clean up. It heats the pan, not the cooktop. Spillsdon't burn on the surface.
  • Exceptional Temperature Control: Adjust heat with greater accuracy than on gas or electric cooktops especially at lower settings.


This freestanding induction range has four cooking elements; with two featuring a FlexCook Zone technology that means you can put over-sized cookware atop without worries.

The burners heat up your cookware really fast and has boil alert that prevents any boil overs. The oven has a large capacity compared to other ranges of this dimension. It has a total of 5.9 cubic feet cooking capacity. It is a convection oven that comes with three true convection fans that enables hot air to thoroughly spread.

This way, food baked in the oven cooks much faster and more evenly. The body is made of durable and smooth stainless steel that deters stains and marks. Cleanup is also very easy as all you need to do is wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Both the cooktop and the oven also operate really quietly.

Key Takeaway: One of the things you should consider when buying an induction range are your needs. How many cooking elements do you need, how big should your oven be, and how wide or narrow should the range be? Even if you’re in for a great deal, try your best not to get something that you don’t need. Put in mind that the bigger the range and oven, the larger the electric consumption.


Why choose an induction range?

An induction range saves you money in the long run because of the following reasons:

  • No heat is loss when cooking as it directly goes onto your cookware
  • True convection oven bakes your food faster
  • There is no mess buildup on the cooktop that may deter heat generation
  • Induction ranges are generally greener and are more eco-friendly that gas and electric



Induction ranges are slightly on the pricey side, but if you do your research right, you may be able to avoid the $2,000 to $3,000 price tag, as there are a lot of products below that price range. You can get a great one that is big enough, has all the features that you need, and is made of quality materials for under $2,000 such as some of the products listed here.

Remember to read through reviews as well to know more about each product so you’ll be sure on where you’re putting your money on.

What are the best Double Induction Cooktops?

Double induction cooktops let you whip up two dishes at a time without taking up precious space on your counter. Most induction cooktops feature very thin bezels that give you more space for cooking with big pots and pans. This way, you’ll maximize both cooking space and counter space.

Cooktops can be generally placed anywhere, so if you’re a little worried about where to put it, half of a free counter can do the trick. Just the imagine the size of two large cookware an inch apart next to each other, and you’ll get an idea of how much space it will consume.

Double induction cooktops are great for small kitchens that can’t afford to have full-fledged range squeezed in, while still allowing the user to cook more food for the family. This is great for starting families with around three to four family members, especially those who live in apartments in the middle of cities.

You also don’t have to worry about the looks if you’re feeling a little bit concerned on the effect it would give to your kitchen. Induction cooktops have really smooth glass-like surface that looks really neat anywhere you place it. To help you with your search for the perfect double induction cooktop, read on.


What are the recommended double induction cooktops?


Waring Pro Induction Cooktop

Waring Pro ICT400 Double Induction Cooktop
  • Uses up to 70% less energy than conventional cooktops
  • Left burner: on/off, 8 heat settings, 150-minute timer; Right burner: on/off, 5 heat settings, 150-minute timer
  • Heat shuts off automatically 30 seconds after pan is lifted off


This induction cooktop saves you energy because it uses 70% less energy than conventional cooktops. It means that you’re not only helping your environment, but you’re also saving a lot of bucks out of your monthly gas or electric bills.

The two burners come in different sizes to cater to the different sizes of pots and pans you may have. The left burner (the larger one) has eight heat settings and a 150-minute timer while the right burner has five heat settings and a 150-minute timer as well. Both burners can run at maximum heat settings at the same time.

The right burner is meant for simmering food but it is still powerful enough for cooking other heavy dishes, or for boiling water and making eggs, etc. When done with cooking, all you have to do is lift the pan off the burner and it will automatically shut off after 30 seconds.


BergHOFF Touch Screen Induction Cook Top

BergHOFF Double Touch Screen Induction Cook Top, Double
  • Double Touch Screen induction cook top
  • Glass, melamine
  • Glass Cleaner


This induction cooktop has touch screen for the controls but can be easily locked for child safety. The double heating elements are equal sized so you can cook two big pots at once.

The glass of the cooktop is made of shiny and durable material so it looks absolutely stunning in your kitchen. Though smooth, it is skid free so your cookware will stay safely in place. The tempered glass is also shatter resistant so you won’t have to worry in case you drop heavy pans over it, although you should still be careful not to.

It has several heat settings so you can choose the right temperature for cooking, whether you want it keep it heated, or you want to boil, simmer, etc. It heats up instantly and also comes with an overheat protection feature. The design of the induction cooktop is smooth that it can be moved from one place to another with ease.


True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner- Energy Efficient

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient
  • The True Induction includes easy to use controls, True Induction's patented power sharing technology as well as numerous safety features including auto pan detect
  • Requires cookware that is induction compatible. Works with most stainless steel and cast iron cookware. If a magnet sticks to bottom of pan it will work. Optimal cookware has a flat bottom and a diameter of 4.5" - 10" inches
  • Easy to Clean: With its seamless one piece ceramic glass cooktop, the True Induction cooktop can be cleaned in no time


This energy efficient double burner has overheating sensors that immediate recognize if the cookware has been lifted and then it automatically turns off. This feature is efficient as it saves you both money and energy.

This induction cooktop is best used for home, placed atop a counter but if you really need to take it with you in case you have to go out of town or have an outdoor dinner party with family and friends, this cooktop is very portable. It heats up really quick so you can start cooking immediately. It has different heating settings and each temperature is very precise and accurate.

It also comes with a timer and automatic turn off after the time has lapsed. Each heating element can also heat up to 1800 watts but when used both at the same time, will share at 900 watts each. The controls are located conveniently at the top of the model. The screen is digital and the controls are squeezed in a touch pad.


How to buy the best double induction cooktops?

If you’re not sure on how to choose the right induction cooktop for you, check out the factors to consider below:

Price – Set aside the budget that you are willing to spend on a double induction cooktop. Never go beyond your budget even if you find a really good one. You may encounter troubles with it in the future and you’ll have difficulty returning it. Not to mention the remorse you may feel in the end after spending so much on something.

Needs – Determine your needs; do you need double or single heating elements? Do you intend to cook a lot at once? Do you wish to be able to easily take your cooktop anywhere? Keep in mind not to buy anything that is beyond what you need. Even if a four heating element cooktop is on sale, don’t buy it if you don’t need it.

Space – It is important to have ample space for your induction cooktop for you to be able to properly cook. A double induction cooktop won’t take too much space, possibly a single counter only. This is great if you’re having space issues in your kitchen as you can easily move it around when you need to or when not in use.

Key Takeaway: Don’t rush into buying; consider the budget you have, your cooking needs, and the size of the unit. This is to make sure that you’ll get something that you can fully depend on.



Double induction cooktops are great for those who have very minimal space in the kitchen as it occupies only a single countertop. When not in use, you can simply tuck it away without worries about gas connections or complicated wirings. The double heating element is also sufficient for small families starting out.

What are the best Built-in Gas Cooktops?

Gas cooktops are very efficient to use compared to its electronic counterparts because fuel is cheaper in most areas in the US compared to the soaring electric bills. Gas cooktops also doesn’t consume a lot of fuel so a single tank could last you weeks, even months of continuous use.

If you’re connected to a natural gas line, you’re going to save even more as natural gas is known to be one of the cheapest fuels in most homes. It also installs quick but with the help of a technician, just to be safe, especially if you’re using your built-in gas cook top for the first time.

If you have yet to buy a built-in gas cooktop, we have listed some factors to help you consider your needs as well as reviews of the recommended ones in the market. Read through to enforce your decision-making, so your mind would be at ease about the product you have picked, after all, they’re far from being cheap.


What are the recommended built-in gas cooktops?

Below are our top picks when it comes to built-in gas cooktops. We have briefly reviewed each, so you’ll have an insight on the what’s on the market, what features most brands offer, and where the price point is at.


Dacor Distinctive DCT365SNG 36 Gas Cooktop 5 Sealed Burners

SaleBestseller No. 1
Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Electric Cooktop - Black
  • Hot Surface Indicator - Alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch.
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Color-Coordinated Control Knobs


This built-in gas cooktop comes with five sealed burners: One for large pots and pans, two for medium ones, and another two for smaller ones that require equally smaller flame.

Designed for home use, this cooktop is packed with professional performance and innovative features, meant to be used by professional chefs. It has an ergonomic angled die cast control knobsease and SimmerSear ™burner with melting feature. It has 18,000 BTU for the perfect simmer, sear, or sauté.

Below the burner is an installed one-piece spill basin that catches mess, making cleanup much easier for you as you won’t have to disassemble the entire gas cooktop just to get through the nicks and cracks. The PermaClean finish is also scratch resistant even after years of tough scrubbing.


GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36 Gas Cooktop 5 Sealed Burners, 20,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner, Precise Simmer

GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36" Built-in Gas Cooktop
  • 5 Sealed Gas Burners
  • 20,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner
  • Integrated Griddle


This in-built gas burner comes with five burners: One meant for big pots and pans with a large flame, two medium flame inducing burners, and two small flame inducing burners.

This GE gas cooktop has an interchangeable left-side grate for instant cook space and a reservoir underneath to catch any spills and debris. This way, you’ll have an easier time cleaning, as you don’t have to remove and replace everything once you’re through.

The middle burner is the best for optimum heat cooking as the Tri-Ring burner boasts of 20,000 BTUs with precise simmer. This is cooktop is very similar to commercial ones as it is made of heavy cast iron grids and heavy duty control knobs that are lit by blue LED halo so you’ll know at one glance that it’s turned on.

As for the security feature, it comes with knob locks that disable it – great if you’re living with little kids. All pros aside, this built-in cooktop is very expensive. If you’re willing to shed this amount, then this one will serve you well.


Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

Whirlpool W3CG3014XS 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop
  • 4 Sealed Burners
  • AccuSimmer Burner
  • Enamel Steel Grates


This cooktop comes with four burners protected by enamel steel grates. Knob controls are removable and are dishwasher safe. The entire body is made of smooth and durable stainless steel.

Three burners are sized equally so you’ll be able to cook several dishes at once without worries of uneven temperature while the remaining one is meant for small saucepans. Cleaning is also a breeze as all spills and dirt are caught underneath a reservoir that can be taken out with ease.

Installation is also very straightforward; you won’t have trouble with it, however you might need the help of a professional if dealing with natural gas connections, etc. The price tag is also great as it is very affordable but still made of durable and quality materials.


What are the factors to consider when getting a built-in gas cooktop?

Below are some factors that you should consider before fully investing in a gas cooktop:

Size: Consider both the size of your available space, the counter where it will be installed, its proximity to the natural gas line, etc. Installation shouldn’t cost you nearly as much as the unit itself. With regards to the size of the cooktop itself, know if you need more than five burners or less.

If you’re going to do a lot of cooking on a daily basis, get a heavy-duty four burner one. However, if you’re a small family or just starting out, three burners and less will do the trick.

Variety: You might want to consider getting a gas cooktop that contains at least one electric burner just in case there are power outages. This is recommended if you are reliable on gas tanks such as propane. This is so you’ll have something to use in case the tank runs out.

Budget: Budget is always on top of the list when it comes to buying major household appliance and a built-in gas cooktop is no different. Depending on your needs and wants, you can get a top of the line cooktop worth under $1,500 but it’s not really necessary are there are a lot of good ones below $1,000.

Key Takeaway: The amount you’re willing to spend for a cooktop is always the one that occupies your mind when it comes to buying new appliances. However, if you’d rather save than splurge when it comes to gas cooktops, it’s not a problem at all since there are really good brands that sell affordable in-built ones.



Whichever built-in gas cooktop you pick, remember to pick the one that you need and within your means. You want something that will last you years of fruitful use. For the price that you’re going to pay, you should have something that you’re going to be contented with.

What are the Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons?

Induction cooktops have stormed kitchens in the US because of its versatility, size, and functionality. It’s also very affordable compared to gas and electric ranges, which may cost more than a thousand. Induction cooktops also look really neat when it comes to aesthetics because of the smooth glass top.

If you’re planning to get an induction cooktop, either you’re replacing your old one or you’re shifting from gas or electric, it’s worth knowing the pros and cons of induction cooktops. This is so you can be prepared for the future use. Induction cooktops work really differently from gas and electric and it may pose a bit of a surprise.

Like all other appliances, induction cooktops has its own pros and cons and whether any of these are acceptable is up to you, as you are the user and everyone has their own different needs and wants.


What are the pros and cons of induction cooktops?

Keep in mind that there will always be differences when it comes to opinions and what may be written here as a pro or a con will be otherwise. First off, let’s start with the benefits of having an induction cooktop.


Cost – Induction cooktops are relatively affordable. However, price varies depending on your choice of additional features, material used, size, etc. A single burner countertop induction cooktop made of stainless steel and ceramic glass will cost you only about $90.

Double burners may cost about $250 while four burners that can be installed in your countertop or range may vary from $1,000 to $2,000. As mentioned, price depends on the brand, the finish, the number of burners, and additional features.

This is a pro because you have an array of choices; whether you want an affordable yet efficient one, or you want to go to the high-end side, there’s bound to be one for you. A simple single-burner induction cooktop worth checking out is the:


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold
  • Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 Amps of electricity - standard in all homes; lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Digital control panel. Built-in Count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes; 10 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit; 10 power levels from 200-1800Watts
  • Requires induction compatible magnetic cookware. Compatible with Duxtop and other induction ready cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and Steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron


Cooking Experience – Compared to gas and electric, what you’ll experience using an induction cooktop is very different. It heats up 25-50 percent faster and it distributes heat more evenly. Two most important words chefs look for in a cooktop are instant and precise, and both of these are associated with an induction cooktop.

Induction cooktops heat up instantly and depending on your choice of temperature, it can be very powerful. It also heats up with great precision; you won’t need any sort of thermometer to check if it lives up to your heat choice. These characteristics are very similar to gas, but without the hassles of open flame, fuel, etc.

No Wasted Heat – Heat is concentrated onto the pan where your food is cooking; it doesn’t go anywhere else. The magnetic field initiated by the induction cooking supplies heat directly to your cookware. You won’t feel any gush of heat towards you, not even on the cooktop itself.

Compared to gas and electric, the heat is all over the place. You can feel the warmth on your hand or your face when you draw closer to a gas or electric cooktop. With induction, you won’t feel any of these, as heat is concentrated on the cookware and on your food.

Safety – Because there is no open flame or heat all over the place, induction cooktops are great to have if you have small children or the elderly. There will be no burned fingers or hands, no risks of the open flame catching fire on curtain, paper, etc.

Also, because the energy or heat is transferred onto materials that are magnetic, even if you place a finger onto the burner at full maximum heat, you won’t feel anything; it stays cool to the touch unless you put something that conducts heat over it. All induction cooktops have sensors that detect whether it is capable of heating or not.

Aesthetics and Installation – At first glance, an induction cooktop really looks neat because of the smooth and shiny glass top. Induction units are also very thin and only require about two inches of depth below the countertop surface. Because of this, installation is very easy.

Check out:


GE PHP900DMBB Profile 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop

Bestseller No. 1
Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black
  • 15 power levels from 200-1800Watts; 15 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Digital control panel; Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Built-in count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes; The auto-pan detection; Equipped with diagnostic error message system, Low and high voltage warning system



We have talked so much about the positives, now it’s time to move onto the cons of an induction cooktop.

Cookware – Glass, aluminum, and copper cookware can’t be used with an induction cooktop, so you have to buy a new set, preferably made of stainless steel such as the:


Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware 9-Pc Set

Duxtop SSC-9PC 9 Piece Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Induction Cookware, Stainless Steel
  • Set includes 8-Inch, 10-Inch Fry Pan; 1.6-Quart and 3-Quart covered saucepan; 6-1/2-Quart saucepot with cover; 6.6" pot holder
  • Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel construction eliminates hot spots and ensures even heat distribution along the bottom and side walls of the cookware
  • Stay-cool stainless-steel perfect-grip handle riveted to the pan


Electricity Failure – Induction cooktops run using electricity so if the electricity on your area fails, you have no choice but to find other means of cooking. It’s better to have a grill or a gas range handy if you often experience electricity interruptions. Also, if electricity is very expensive in your area, induction cooktops may not be for you as this one is prone to consuming a lot of energy.

Key Takeaway: We have summarized the most known positives and negatives of induction cooktops. As you may have noticed, the pros very much outweigh the cons, making induction cooktops really worth the purchase except if you live in an area where electric bills are high and interruptions are frequent. It’s still better to assess your needs overall rather than to fully rely your decisions on articles such as this one.



Before purchasing any major appliance in your home, especially in your kitchen, it’s best to review everything about that product, such as in the case of induction cooktops. If you’re new to this technology, it is recommended to review all the pros and cons to be sure if this certain product would work for you.

In the case of induction cooktops, you might not see any reason as to why you will say no. It has tons of positives, not only to the efficiency but also to the additional safety and affordability. In general, induction cooktops are really worth the try.

What are the best Built-in Induction Cooktops?

Induction cooktops are great to have in the kitchen because of its seemingly overflowing positives. Owners rarely experience qualms in their induction cooktops because it’s very easy to use and it functions better than other types of cooktops. There are many types of induction cooktops, from range to portable ones.

For home use, the best one to use is the range, provided that you have enough space for it and if the built-in oven will be usable for you. However, if you want something that you can integrate with your existing cabinetry, it’s great to have something that you can install, such as built-in induction cooktops.

If you aren’t sure on what to buy, we have listed some factors that you need to consider as well as reviews of the best built-in induction cooktops available in the market.


What are the factors to consider when buying a built-in induction cooktop?

Below you’ll see the factors that should make an impact on your decision-making process. Don’t just jump into buying any appliance; make sure to spend some time reading through a buying guide to help you decide get the best one. Induction cooktops generally don’t come cheap and you’ll want to get the best out of your heard-earned money.

Size – Decide on the size of your built-in induction cooktop. One thing that greatly affects the size of the cooktop is the number of heating elements. Standard ones come in four heating elements in varying sizes. If you have a family of five or less, four heating elements is already good enough.

However, if you are a big family and are always around the kitchen or you like holding parties or occasions at home, you may want to get something that has at least five heating elements. You may choose to have the overall size of the induction cooktop increased, or have all elements huddled up together in a standard size. The downside here is you’ll have crowded cooktop and not all big pots could fit in.

Features – Induction cooktops are created to be really smart and instant so manufacturers have placed a lot of options in it for easier and faster cooking. You may want to include any of the following features:

  • Keep warm setting
  • Pan detector or pan suitability detector
  • Pan size adaptation
  • Child safety lock
  • Hot surface light
  • Timer and auto shut down


These are some of the common features that you may want your built-in induction cooktop to have. Some of these you’ll find necessary, while some aren’t that important. Below are extra features that are considered less common:

  • Overflow detection
  • Anti-overheating limiter
  • Voltage and connection problem indicators
  • Zoneless cooktops


Not all of these are very important as the ones listed above. Remember to check the features included in your built-in induction cooktop to know more of its capabilities and to be able to maximize it. Also remember, the more features, the most expensive a cooktop can get.

Cost – Prices for induction cooktops vary; those that come with single heating elements are priced below $100. They’re the portable ones that can be taken anywhere with ease. As for the bigger ones that can be built-into your cabinetry or countertop, price ranges from $1,000 to $2,000.

What really contribute to the cost of the induction cooktop are the features (as mentioned above), the size and number of heating elements, and the materials used. Fully stainless steel cooktops are expensive because they’re not only durable, but also they look very elegant. Brands also play a role; the more popular the brand, the more you have to pay.

Key Takeaway: Built-in induction cooktops don’t come cheap; models that have four and above heating elements are around the $1,500 range while double heating elements are slightly under $1,000. Make sure that you have really made up your mind as shelling this amount is not easy.


What are the best built-in induction cooktops?

Below we have reviewed three built-in induction cooktops that are definitely worth checking:


Bosch 500 Series NIT5065UC 30″ Smooth top Electric Cooktop In Stainless Steel

SaleBestseller No. 1
Frigidaire FFEC3024LB 30 Electric Cooktop - Black
  • Hot Surface Indicator - Alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch.
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Color-Coordinated Control Knobs


This induction cooktop has four cooking zones in varying sizes: One big, one medium, and two for small pots or pans. The body is made of durable stainless steel.

It comes with a fast-heat mode that boils water twice as fast as conventional electric cooktop, which saves a lot of time and energy. The built in timers for each element are also very useful as it shuts down on its own after the time has lapsed. There are also 17 cooking selections to choose from.


GE PHP900SMSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop

SaleBestseller No. 1
30 Inch Electric Coil Style Cooktop with 4 Elements, ADA Compliant, in Stainless Steel
  • 30 Inch Electric Coil Style Cooktop with 4 Elements, ADA Compliant, in Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel finish - Surface is made from stainless steel for an attractive and easy to clean look
  • Removable chrome drip bowls - Drip pans help to contain spills and can be removed for easy cleaning


This induction cooktop has four heating elements in total: One big, two medium, and one small-sized elements, which can fit pots and pans of varying sizes. The surface is flat and smooth, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

This comes with precise element control and heats up really strong and fast that you can finish boiling water less than two minutes. It also has a consistent simmer, cooks cleaner, and is very efficient to use as it saves you a lot of energy. The finish, made of stainless steel, gives your kitchen a modern look.


True Induction Double Burner – Counter Inset Model

True Induction TI-2B Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop, 120V, Black
  • Induction technology for fast heat-up and consistent heat throughout cooking. Must use with induction-ready cookware
  • Toy
  • True Induction


This induction cooktop has double heating element underneath a smooth glass-ceramic top. It comes with a timer that you can set for up to 150 minutes.

This cooktop can be moved easily around the counter you wish. It comes with safety detectors so that it won’t heat up at all if the cookware is incompatible. The only downside for this model is the slightly buzzing fans installed underneath the cooktop.



The best built-in induction cooktops don’t need to be really expensive, don’t need to have all the best features it can get, and don’t need to look really elegant. As long as it works for you, saves you money and energy in the long run, and cooks your food the way you want it, then it’s more than acceptable.

Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews: How to buy the right one?

Induction cooktops are great to have in the kitchen as it is space saving, easy to use, and doesn’t consume too much power. It comes with a lot of benefits that many homeowners exchanged their gas and electric ranges for this cooktop. Heating is instantaneous too; the induction cooktops don’t take a while to heat up and it fires with great precision.

This type of cooktop also doesn’t heat. But how can you cook something that doesn’t heat up? The induction cooktop itself stays cool but it manages to transfer the heat onto the cookware reducing any risk of getting burnt hands or stuff catching fire. Induction cooktops are very safe to use, which makes them great for traveling and camping.

Thus, portable version of induction cooktop is born, as it is the best type to use when you go camping or out of town with your RV. It is small yet packs a punch when it comes to cooking dishes of your choice. It’s relatively light to carry and pack into your camping gear.


How to buy the best portable induction cooktop?

There are many factors to consider before your purchase a portable induction cooktop. Although it’s easier to just go to the store and let a salesman suggest what to purchase especially if you have the money to do is, it’s still best to pause for a few minutes to read through guides that will help you in the choosing process.

Some factors to consider include:

Size: You’ll want to get something that can be easy to transport and put into your weekend travel or camping gear. Measure the space of the cooktops available and check to see if it suits for your travel. You may also want to visit your cookware shelf to see if there are any pots and pans that could fit into your induction cooktop of choice.

If you intend to use it at home for daily use, make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen for it. If it’s only a portable one, it will just have around one cooktop, which won’t take much space onto your kitchen countertop. Induction cooktops are pretty slim, although they are slightly heavy because of the metal parts inside.

Features: Remember, the more features an induction cooktop boasts, the higher the tag price. Check the features of the cooktop that you’re eyeing to see if it’s up to par with your budget. If it’s not, check to see if there are cheaper ones that don’t come with features you won’t need. Simple cooktops aren’t very expensive and they’re more suitable for outdoor use.

Some features that you may want to consider for a portable induction cooktop are timers, safety features or sensors that detect the status of your cookware, pan detection, etc. These features are great to have as it gives you a heads-up on the status of your cooking. It is also able to turn itself off after a certain time has lapsed.

Material: Because it will be used mostly outdoors, get something that is durable and strong enough to withstand being lug all the time as well as endure against the changing weathers. Pick something that has a durable stainless steel body with thick yet light cooktop face. You don’t want to get something that is made of fragile glass as these are prone to breaking and are heavy.

Key Takeaway: Before buying anything, make sure that the portable induction cooktop that you’re planning to get is well suited to your lifestyle. If you camp and travel a lot, get something that is equally light and travel-friendly, at the same time, durable and strong.


What are the best portable induction cooktop?

To well equip you with knowledge on what’s out there in the market, we have here three portable induction cooktop reviews:


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold
  • Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 Amps of electricity - standard in all homes; lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage
  • Digital control panel. Built-in Count-down digital timer with 1 min increments up to 170 minutes; 10 temperature range from 140 Degree Fahrenheit to 460 Degree Fahrenheit; 10 power levels from 200-1800Watts
  • Requires induction compatible magnetic cookware. Compatible with Duxtop and other induction ready cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron and Steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron


It uses 120 volts and 15 amps of electricity, the standard for most homes. The materials are made of lightweight and compact metal for easy handling and storage.

For the price, it comes with built-in features that is great for outdoor use such as a countdown digital timer, temperature ranges from 140 to 460 degree Fahrenheit, power levels from 200-1800 watts, and a six foot long cord. The cookware is compatible with aluminum enameled iron and steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, or cast iron.


Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Max Burton 6200 Maxi-Matic Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop, Black
  • 1800-watt high-quality induction cooktop provides 10 power levels and push-button controls
  • 180-minute timer with auto shut-off and 10 temperature settings and in-line fuse
  • LED display for use with induction-compatible cookware


This 1800-watt has 10 power levels and 10 temperature settings that come with an overheat sensor for added security and safety. The controls are accessible just by a push of a button.

It also comes with a 180-minute timer that shuts off automatically after the desired time has lapsed. It also automatically detects cookware that isn’t compatible to avoid any possible combustion or breakage. This has a durable stainless steel body that will last years of usage.


Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop, 1500-Watt

NESCO PIC-14, Electric Portable Induction Cooktop, Black, 1500 watts
  • Five power settings for just the right temperature
  • Heats up faster than traditional gas or electric
  • Cools faster and with almost instant heat adjustment


This energy-efficient induction cooktop has five power settings and greater heat consistency. It has 1,500 watts and five touch controls: melt/warm, simmer, boil, fry, and sear. It is noiseless and has very rapid heating.

The glass top is made of durable ceramic that stays cool because the heat is generated at the cookware, making it absolutely safe to small children and the elderly. When used for camping and traveling, it also eliminates the risk for burns and accidental fires.

Key Takeaway: Induction cooktop paves the way for safe and flameless cooking. There will be no heat loss, which means that you’re saving a lot of energy. The cooktop stays cool to the touch and the materials used by most portable induction cooktops are very light and travel friendly.



Induction cooktops are one of the great and reliable tools that you can take when you go camping or out of town in your RV. It gives you the opportunity to cook all the filling meals you usually cook at home while being in the middle of wilderness. It’s also very cost-efficient and sturdy built, making it worth every penny spent.